Custom Services

Understanding the creative mind

While Chiaro™ Screens  offers a diverse range of design options you can approach us to develop a new Chiaro™ design based on a brief or bring your own design to us to translate for laser cutting.


Edge folding is a conventional mechanism for strengthening screens and providing options for installation.

Curved or Rolled Screens

Yes we can make curved Chiaro™ Screens ;  depending on the design, size and radius we have a few fabrication options.

Custom Finishes

Yes you can specify a custom colour or finish for your Chiaro Screens. A charge is applicable depending on requirements and quantity.

Quantity Estimation

Chiaro™Screens are easily specifiable so please download a PDF copy of  the Chiaro™ Specification Information sheet.

If your project is complicated or you just don’t have time we offer a quantity estimation service for which a minimal fee may apply. Please ask your consultant for a quote.

Screen Sizes

Chiaro™Screens designs can be modified (the extent depends on the design) to suit your size requirements. A customization drawing charge may be applicable.

Standard sizes are the most economical. Standards are determined by the material sheet size and our cutting bed size.

1200mm x 2400mm is the most economical standard sheet size for material and cutting. Anything over this size becomes oversize.

1500mm x 3000mm is maximum oversize for most materials and is our maximum standard cutting bed size.

Anything over 1500mm x 3000mm becomes expensive and difficult to handle. Please consider your options and speak to us before you contemplate screens over this size.



Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your design requirements.

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